Near-Miss Management Co-founder Featured on Chestnut Street Ventures’ Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Chestnut Street Ventures sat down with Ulku Oktem, CEO and President of Near-Miss Management.

Most industrial plant accidents are consequences of a few observable and avoidable near misses. But how do companies monitor those early warning signs? That’s where Near-Miss Management and their Dynamic Risk Analyzer (DRA) comes into play. They catch the close calls that can lead to on-site accidents.

Ulku Oktem is the CEO and President of Near-Miss Management, LLC, an enterprise software company with a growing global customer base, providing timely and effective risk assessment solutions that are redefining the industry.

We caught up with Ulku to ask her about her close ties with the University of Pennsylvania, her role as CEO and President at Near-Miss, and what turned her onto entrepreneurship.

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