Early Detection of Process Risks

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Minimising risks related to process safety and reliability is the highest priority for operating teams today. Although plant operations are equipped with process monitoring tools, current applications have limitations, particularly, lacking information on developing risks, which are typically hidden in the data and are not visible easily.

The implementation of a new software, Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ (DRA), developed by Near-Miss Management, and based on a groundbreaking early risk detection technology, is outlined in this article. DRA assesses the risk level of plant operations and identifies early indicators of developing process problems. By utilising such an early risk detection system, the operating teams can assess and resolve process issues at their initiation stages – driving a proactive risk management culture and workflow. Real-life examples, where process issues were detected and addressed early on using DRA technology, are presented.

Keywords: process safety, reliability, risk detection, safety audit, big data, operational excellence