Predicting Process Risks for Improved Safety and Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Technology and Case Studies

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Near-Miss Management co-presented a paper with a global Oil & Gas company (customer) at the 61st Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium, held in Denver, CO from September 18-22, 2016.

Presentation Overview

Time: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 8:30 - 9:00 am

Because of the nature of materials involved and interdependency between its operating units, minimizing process safety and reliability risks is the highest priority for the operating team. The use of a new software, Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ (DRA), based on proprietary predictive risk analysis, is outlined in this presentation. DRA allows the operating team to assess the risk level of its plant operations and identify early indicators of developing process risks daily. The result – processes are operated with reduced risk profiles and improved capital effectiveness. Since the adoption of DRA, the plant has improved its organizational culture and workflow that involve day-to-day proactive assessment of process risks at their early stages. Real-life operations issues that were detected and addressed early on are discussed.

About 61st Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium

Organized by AIChE’s Ammonia Safety Committee, the annual symposium is dedicated to improving the safety of plants that manufacture ammonia and related chemicals, such as urea, nitric acid, ammonia nitrate, and methanol. More than 400 attendees - including plant safety personnel, plant managers, and process engineers representing a spectrum of industries - are expected to participate in the symposium, where they will share technological advances and discuss strategies for improving plant safety, maintenance, and management. Company leaders and practitioners will describe how their organizations avoid or manage potential plant accidents, and present solutions to a variety of safety engineering problems. Participants will also receive an overview of products available to improve safety measures.

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