‘Dynamic Risk Analyzer’ - Find Near-Misses Hidden Inside Process Data

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Near-Miss Management’s Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ Software Discovers Near-Misses Hidden Within Process Data, Helping To Improve Process Performance And Avert Operational Issues Before They’re Noticeable.

Based on a groundbreaking technology, the Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ (DRA) software from Near-Miss Management makes hidden risks visible at their formation stage—to help improve process performance and avert operational issues even before they become noticeable. DRA is enterprise process risk management software, designed for plant personnel to assess the risk level of a plant’s operations on demand or periodically. It is based on patent-pending methodologies that make use of all process (online sensor) measurements along with alarm data. The data is received automatically and processed rapidly to extract crucial risk information that serves as leading indicators of potential performance issues, such as shutdowns, accidents, incidents, and operational problems.

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