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2019 Asian Downstream Summit

Customer Presentation

Industry Majors on Adoption of DRA at 2019 Asian Downstream Summit

October 28, 2019

Two of the world's largest oil&gas and chemical majors discussed how they are achieving exceptional performance and savings using DRA.

On Day One, Sr. Operations Executive (Refinery) presented their widely-successful digital transformation and sustenance initiatives realized using DRA.

On Day Two, Technology Engineer (Chemicals) discussed their AI and machine learning strategy that led to improved plant performance and present lessons learned and case studies using DRA.

Along with the above customer case studies, NMM’s EVP of South-East Asia, Datuk Kamarudin Zakaria, presented a technical presentation on how operating companies are adopting new data analytics technologies to achieve operational excellence.

NMM was pleased to be a Silver Sponsor of the ADS conference (4th year in a row).

About 2019 Asian Downstream Summit

Located in Singapore, the Asian Downstream Summit (ADS) is the region's only digital downstream oil & gas trade show with special focus on Digital Transformation, Technological Innovations, Industry 4.0 in Oil & Gas. The conference brings together top oil & gas players including top refiners, petrochemical and specialty chemicals players, decision makers, technology experts & government officials to discuss strategies and best practices for optimising efficiency, increasing margins and achieving operational excellence in oil & gas through technology enablement.

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